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My passion and direction is to 'continually inspire and guide people to the 'True Standard of Style      

- One's Own!'

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     As Style Advocate, Deanna translates

the latest fads and trends in Fashion and Interiors

into tangible, relevant information to help you discover Your True Standard of Style!

    I n the decade that Tom was making 'Cocktails' in Jamaica, Jamie Lee had a 'Fish called Wanda' and Robert Palmer was 'Simply Irresistible', I was earning my degree in design and manufacturing from the International Academy of Design and Technology, Toronto.  

        Zig-zagging my way across the  fashion trade, I worked behind the scenes of runway shows and toiled in the factories of Toronto's garment district in iconic Canadian Fashion Houses such as Alfred Sung, Marilyn Brooks, Talbots, and Bob Hii for Holt Renfrew - Canada's 'Little Black Dress' of department stores, while creating bespoke pieces for my personal clientele.

        Life on the Fashion Freeway moves in many directions with the lanes of Fashion and Interiors eventually converging. Skip ahead several years, this is precisely where I found myself in 2001: recently divorced and renovating a 19th century Victorian in lieu of therapy.

          So dilapidated it should have been razed really!, but with its soaring ceilings, ten inch baseboards, Victorian fireplace, bay window, teeny tiny claw-foot tub.... - you get the picture, all I could see was my new home! 

           The interior was cart blanche but I hadnt a clue what I was going to do-heck, I didnt even know what colours colours I liked, let alone style!, but since the principles of great design are constant: functionality, balance, proportion and form, I just leaned on my years of experience in the fashion trade and applied them to my new nest, creating a gem of a doll house!         

       Well, this opened up an entirely new world of design opportunities! So thrilled with what I had done with the space, my landlord offered me work assisting in the renovations of his multitude of properties! - thanks for the break Jim!! 

     To make it all legit I achieved Certification in Interior Design and Styling and have been revamping spaces ever since: giving advise on colour selection and furnishings, curating clients' rooms, and  re-configuring spaces to make their home efficient, comfortable and superfly!, all while maintaining my roots in the fast lane of fashion!-oh come didn't think I was a natural red, did you?

Degrees, Diplomas,


  • Garment Design, Manufacturing,

​       International Academy of Design

         and Technology, (IADT)

         Toronto, Ontario 

          Canadore College,

          North Bay, Ontario

  • Business Planning, Development 

          London, Ontario

  • Home Staging   

         Staging Diva, Toronto, Ontario   

  • Creative Window Design 

          Canadore  College,

          North Bay, Ontario

​          Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Test 

          Three-time 100 Score