Sure, Deanna has dressed recording artists for concerts, album covers and the Juno Awards.  And she's just as likely creating cocktail dresses and bespoke wedding gowns! But as Style Advocate for StyleCompass, she gains inspiration and purpose from current events, day to day life, and 'typical day' styling!

​​​​​​StyleCompass-​show the World your Style!


519 494 7465

Matinee: $90
Gilligan's Special:

(the 3-hour tour) $120

Rate per linear foot:     $45
with reference photos: $60

-Note: Style 101 consultation required 

One time consultation:$200

​includes Style board



Once considered only for the elite, now your Personal Stylist is just a phone call away! 

-Note: Style 101 consultation required 

Because there are only seven days in a week but your closets are so jam-packed that your garments have practically knit themselves together!  

And every morning you ponder 'What to wear, what to wear...

Not so long ago, only the rich and famous hired personal trainers, stylists, and had  'knock out' nails (ala Cher and Barbra). Today your trainer is as close as your neighbourhood athletic club and a  professional manicure is just around the corner! So too is your Stylist!  

Creative Direction and Styling

The greater awareness you have the easier your choices become!

Ideal cut of jeans? Perfect Dress?  Style 101 will answer all of  your wardrobe questions and then some. Become knowledgeable in your best styles, lengths, colours, textures, and patterns.  Gain essential fashion insight for building a stylish wardrobe that's quick-to-pick on those hectic mornings and a true reflection You!

Show the World your Style!

Yes, shopping can be a leisurely stroll-when you know what to look for!  With Deanna as you new best friend take her shopping and learn how to eliminate over-priced fashion faux-pas forever, save precious time and money, and find exactly what you need for that upcoming special event or to complete your 'typical Day' wardrobe!

​​519 494 7465

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