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Consecutive hours: $37/hr

Note: some services are flat fee; some per hour; please contact for details

Because Great Style doesn't begin or end with your wardrobe!

"Home staging used to be optional. Today it's a necessicity when selling a house"     - Barb Corcoran

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Creative Direction and Styling


Initial Consultation: $200
Consecutive hours: $37/hr

The perfect living space - what does it mean to you?

Designers, Decorators, - what's the difference?


Based per project, can include itemized planning of space, sketched floor plans, style-boards, space configuration, assistance with selection of finishes including flooring, tile, plumbing and lighting fixtures, as well as furnishings and home accents.

When your space requires a full scale remodel and someone to hold your hand through it!

To help get your project off the ground and into a spectacular space that is a perfect reflection of you!  A step by step list of essential information for getting your space just right!, with a sketched floor plan and a style board for referencing while shopping for your selections!

Your goal is to sell your house as quickly and as profitably as possible and unless your home is less than five years old, it will likely need more than a wipe with a damp rag!


Certified 'Staging Diva' Deanna will provide a step by step list of essential information and practical ways to prepare your home from a buyer's point of view and maximize re-sale! Rather than the extra cost of bringing in rental furnishings Deanna's primary goal will always be to work with the furnishings you already own, saving your home sale's profits!

For the do-it-yourselfer: when your space just needs a little tweaking and you need some expert advise and a little nudge!

Interior Designers are typically involved in the planning of a space from the start, including working with building codes, materials and design analysis. They work on the strategic side of the original decision for your space; their  education and ARIDO accreditation is approaching a Physician's degree involving many years and strict examinations as challenging as a bar exam, therefore, designers can charge a greater rate for their services.

Interior Decorators/Stylists are involved in re-developing your current space and deal more in the area of finishing touches, paint colours, furniture selection, at and lighting, and pulling it all together. They can earn diplomas, or certification.  

Whoever you choose for your space, all require certification from an accredited faculty of education.

Consecutive hours: $37/hr

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When multiple parts of your life reflect your True Standard of Style, life starts grooving in the right direction

...and the greater awareness you have for what you love; what

makes your heart tick and sing a little louder, the clearer and

easier all of your choices become!